I cater voice workshops to fit the needs of each group.  Beginner to Advance singers. Voice for the Stage. Healing the emotional blocks, fear and stage fright held in the vocal cords and the throat.

I use a combination of technique and skill building, breath work and taking time to honor the emotional landscape that bubbles to the surface during our work. Empowerment, a yes environment, room for curiosity are my trademarks when I work with clients and groups.

Sometimes the goals are simple. Sometimes the group needs more. I find a way to work with your goals so that you walk away feeling like you learned something new and feel more love for yourself and those you work with.

Let’s talk about how you can bring something empowering, unique and unforgettable to your group, community or business. I would love to share with you how a workshop or a series of workshops can support your goals.

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Swanannoa Gathering 2017
Camela with the Advanced Vocal Mastery group during the 2017 Swanannoa Gathering.
Gamut Summer Theatre Academy 2018
Widad with the Gamut Summer Theatre Academy actors and actress having a fun moment to sing after all of the vocal work that day.
Every Summer camp needs time for FUN. This is our “Accent Day”. Each young actor/actress had 3 days to prepare an accent and bring it to our improv session. I still smile thinking of how fun AND FUNNY this was!