Speaking Events

Motivation.  Empowerment.  Inspiration. Wisdom.

Camela has always carried a wisdom beyond her years and a spiritual master quality of love and compassion.  Being a teacher wanting to empower her students, she has the insatiable curiosity of a researcher longing to understand the how and why of things, which makes her crazy gifted at breaking down difficult concepts into easy to understand parts.

When she weaves her life experience into her understanding of how to be empowered, how to heal and how to reach your goals, she comes across as your most lovable, down to earth best friend: endearing and easy to open up to.

Speaking topics include:

“What does “Be, Do, Have” actually mean when you want to achieve your goals?”

“How Speaking your Truth is what we all have been waiting for from you.”

“How Alignment is a more efficient and quick way to manifest your most perfect life.”

Camela is an adept teacher with a range of experience and can cater a speaking event to what your group is needing or wants to address.  Contact her with your ideas and she will find a way to create the best event for you.bruno-cervera-408708-unsplash