Upcoming Events…

Camela will present “Discover Your Voice and Heal Trauma” an experiential Lecture with “Community Connections” presented by the Sufi Center of Minnesota.

Sunday Nov 3

5-6pm EST.

Join her for an experiential lecture and workshop on tapping into the power of your voice and how it can support in the healing of trauma and emotional pain. We will combine the depth of Sufi Healing with vocal exercises and taking a deep dive into what the voice offers for each participant. This is a live Zoom Video classroom where you can log in from your home wherever you are in the world. Admission is FREE. Contact Camela to be added to the list to be notified on log in info. 


Times and Dates TBA

Nourish your heart, body and spirit for a weekend to get the creative flow moving again!

my-life-through-a-lens-bq31L0jQAjU-unsplashPhoto by “My Life Through A Lens”

At the Creative Soul Weekend Retreat we write, sing, move, set goals and intentions, meditate and get you on the road to creative flow for your life.  We will heal old wounds. We will build the foundations of courage. You will be able to add body work sessions and personal healing sessions if you want the extra TLC. Participants leave with new creations for their personal and creative lives.

I designed this retreat for all creative souls in mind. Maybe you’re a writer, dancer, visual artist, a songwriter, a potter, carpenter or maybe you just need a new start in life. Whatever your need, getting to the deep roots of the creation coming through you will help you find new direction or that new potential artistic creation you’ve been aching to bring into the world.

Contact me here for more info or stay connected for our next weekend retreat.



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